What Will Become of Us When Automation Takes Over More of Our Jobs?

Some argue we’ll have time to do fulfilling work, while others say we’ll become lazier

29 April 2016
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Career & Education

Perfection Could be the Barrier Stopping Women From Pursuing Engineering

28 April 2016
Founder of Girls Who Code says girls are conditioned to avoid risk and failure


IEEE to Showcase Its Activities at Augmented World Expo

28 April 2016
Standards Association to lead tech talks and sponsor prestigious award


IEEE Award Recognizes Recent Breakthroughs Likely to Be Milestones

27 April 2016
Stepping Stone Award honors technical achievements that benefit mankind


IEEE Board of Directors Announces Candidates for the 2016 Election

26 April 2016
Ballots to be sent to voting members by 15 August

Tech Focus

Did Claude Shannon Invent a Groundbreaking Personal Computer?

26 April 2016
The IEEE History Center investigates the origin of the MINIVAC 601


In Memoriam: April 2016

26 April 2016
IEEE mourns the loss of the following members

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