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Standards That Advance Transportation Electrification

Covering applications that help upgrade the industry

7 April 2014
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Setting the Stage for the Internet of Things

14 March 2014
Covering a spectrum of applications

Black Boxes Make Headlines in Recent News

20 February 2014
One IEEE member weighs in on growing concerns over data collection in cars

Keeping Your Car’s Data Private

7 February 2014
IEEE standard protects from prying eyes the information being recorded

Cloud Standardization

17 January 2014
Video discusses the role of standards in cloud computing

Nanotechnology Standards

6 December 2013
Four focus on electrical applications of nanomaterials

Standards Project to Support Time-Sensitive Local Networks

8 November 2013
New IEEE group works to optimize use of bandwidth in industrial settings

Standards Group Works to Boost Ethernet Speeds Over Coax

7 October 2013
IEEE project is a contender for the next-generation broadband cable

Preparing the Path for More Efficient Data Centers

7 August 2013
IEEE standards project to help data centers handle more traffic at a lower cost

Standards Group Works to Expand Reach of Fiber Access

22 July 2013
Project aims to help providers reach more people while lowering costs