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Handy references for dealing with lots of data

8 September 2014

Those involved with the IEEE Big Data Initiative have been compiling resources to help make sense of massive data streams. Here’s what’s available so far.


The latest news and research articles about big data can be found on the IEEE Cloud Computing portal under the Innovations section.


The quarterly online-only IEEE Transactions on Big Data is set to launch in the first quarter of 2015. Thirteen IEEE societies and councils are collaborating on its content and providing financial and technical support. The publication will feature research articles on infrastructure, standards, and performance analyses, as well as security, privacy, and legal issues.

Other publications already covering the topic include Computer, IEEE Intelligent Systems, IEEE Micro, IEEE Software, IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing, and IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing.

Computer magazine will devote an entire issue to big-data management and applications in March 2015.

This September’s issue of IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing has a special report on new strategic research areas that address the challenges presented by big data. Included are articles on such topics as big-data theoretical models; large-scale incremental, distributed, and federated data sets; and simulation and debugging systems.

IEEE Micro’s July/August issue explored how the IT industry can more effectively store, process, and serve the growing volume of data through better processors, memory systems, and storage and network architectures. The issue also looked at emerging computing, storage, and communications technologies.

The IEEE Intelligent Systems journal published a special report in its November/December 2013 issue. It included eight articles that looked at the trends and controversies surrounding the use of extreme learning machines for handling large sets of data. ELMs are effective learning algorithms of single hidden-layer feed-forward neural networks. They offer fast learning speed and good generalization performance. Another article showed how a pandemic could be contained by applying simulation methods and advanced artificial intelligence.

IEEE Software magazine published two back-to-back special issues in 2013. Its July/August issue included a Q&A with six software analytics experts about the most important yet overlooked aspects of the field. Another article discussed the trade-offs between studying easily obtained analytics and richer analytics that may be expensive to acquire.

The September/October issue highlighted the power of analytics for different types of organizations. It included interviews with representatives from software companies about their experiences building big-data repositories and predictive models. The issue also looked at how several research projects are deploying large-scale analytics and discussed their effect on research practices.

These publications can be found in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.


Three attorneys—IEEE Senior Member Brian Gaff, Jennifer Geetter, and Heather Egan Sussman—write a monthly column in Computing about U.S. law and its impact on technology. Their June article, “Privacy and Big Data,” covered how big data’s explosive growth has prompted the U.S. government to release new reports that address the resulting issues, particularly with respect to privacy. The three also produced an accompanying audio recording of the same name in which they discuss those topics and answer questions about the column sent in by readers.

The podcast is available under the News tab of the IEEE Computer Society’s Computing Now Web portal.

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