Books of Interest: March 2013

Free IEEE e-books focus on computing

8 March 2013

Here’s a sample of titles from the IEEE eBook Classics collection, available free to members. To find the e-books, log in to IEEE Xplore using your IEEE member Web account (making sure first to sign out of your institutional account if you’re using one). Click on Books in the left-hand navigation menu, then click on the Classics tab to browse the titles. Once you find a book of interest, a click on the title takes you to its home page, which has an abstract, table of contents, bibliography, and cover image. Then, if you wish, you can download it from there.

Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics

Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics
Edited by Gary B. Fogel, David W. Corne, and Yi Pan (2007)

Combining biology, computer science, mathematics, and statistics, bioinformatics has become a popular discipline. This book offers an introduction to the field, covering a variety of computational intelligence methods.

Intro to Evolvable Hardware

Introduction to Evolvable Hardware: A Practical Guide for Designing Self-Adaptive Systems
By Garrison W. Greenwood and Andrew M. Tyrrell (2007)

Provides an introduction for engineers, designers, and managers involved in the development of adaptive, high-reliability systems. The book tries to help readers quickly apply the techniques taught to solve design problems.

Computational Auditory Scene Analysis

Computational Auditory Scene Analysis: Principles, Algorithms, and Applications
Edited by DeLiang Wang and Guy J. Brown (2006)

Provides an overview of CASA with a look toward the technology’s potential applications. Topics include estimation of multiple fundamental frequencies, feature-based and model-based approaches to CASA, sound separation based on spatial location, and processing for reverberant environments. Also discussed are segregation of speech and mus, automatic speech recognition in noisy environments, and neural and perceptual modeling of auditory organization.

Next Generation of Data-Mining Applications

Next Generation of Data-Mining Applications
Edited by Mehmed M. Kantardzic and Jozef Zurada (2005)

Unlike other publications that take a more theoretical approach, this book covers data mining used in a variety of applications. Readers can learn to analyze large quantities of information spread across different databases and servers. Business, science, engineering, medicine, and security applications are among those addressed. Also discussed are tools for gene mapping and proteomics data analysis.

Understanding Information Transmission

Understanding Information Transmission
By John B. Anderson and Rolf Johnnesson (2005)

Topics include storage, transmission, networking, and protection. The book features mathematical methods and problem sets, as well as suggested reading, and presents a history of information technology and profiles of groundbreaking inventions and key pioneers

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