Could You Unplug?

Adults head to camp for a four-day break from technology

7 August 2013

In June, 200 adults packed their bags and headed to “Camp Grounded,” a 1970s Boy Scouts campground in Anderson Valley, Calif., where participants could make new friends, roast marshmallows, and compete in archery. They could not, however, tweet, text, or blog. This sold-out event hosted by Digital Detox, is designed to help people “‘reformat’ their own personal hard drives” by taking a break from the deluge of daily messages that flood their electronic devices. Participants went four days without any digital communication with the outside world. As one camper put it, she was grateful “for conversations at camp that lasted longer than just a click.”

Is a digital break important? How long could you go without your cellphone and other techie devices?

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