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The IEEE Xplore digital library offers new resources and better search tools

7 March 2008



More than 70 tutorials are now available through IEEE Xplore. Originally presented at IEEE conferences and meetings, the one-hour courses cover a broad variety of topics, including artificial intelligence, computer engineering, lasers and optics, microwave theory and techniques, and vehicular technology. There also are courses on professional development and management.

Included with the tutorials are course notes, which are PDF files that contain full-text transcripts of the audio portion of the course. They also include definitions of all terms, an index, a course summary and outline, and a biography of the instructor. Lists of complementary courses and other resources on the topic are also provided.

Each course is worth 0.3 of a continuing-education unit. A certificate of completion is e-mailed to students after they complete the tutorial and pass an assessment test. Courses are self-paced, and they must be completed in 30 days. Members’ price for each tutorial is US $69.95.

Companies wishing to offer the courses to their employees can subscribe to the entire catalog of courses.




Two new resources are available in IEEE Xplore on a trial basis, offering practical information about specific technologies.

Technology surveys are overviews assembled by experts of previously published IEEE articles in particular fields. Included with each survey are links to the most relevant articles in IEEE Xplore. So far, two surveys have been posted—on CAD algorithms and DNA microarrays. Links to the surveys can be found in the digital library’s Browse pull-down menu.

Application notes, well-known for explaining or promoting a company’s technology or product, often contain useful information. Although the notes are not created or endorsed by the IEEE, the institute has partnered with GlobalSpec, a technology search engine and information resource, to provide access to more than 1 million of them.

To find application notes, search on your topic in IEEE Xplore. Links to notes are displayed alongside other search results, under their own heading, to set them apart from IEEE content. Links are also provided for members to give feedback on the usefulness of the material and whether the IEEE should continue to include it in IEEE Xplore.




IEEE Xplore has enhanced how it displays results for the basic search option. Results used to be displayed as one long list. Now tabs at the top of the search results screen divide the content into four categories: IEEE and IET journals, conferences, and standards; books from IEEE Press and IEEE Computer Society Press; educational courses; and application notes. To speed up the search, the most popular types of content are displayed first. Search results for other information, such as books or application notes, are displayed only on request.

In addition, finding a “known item” from an IEEE publication is now much easier. A new search page allows you to conduct targeted searches when you already know what article you are looking for. You can search the digital library and get an exact match using common criteria, such as a document’s title; volume and issue number; and page numbers.

Finally, tips to locate works by a specific author have been added to the author-search screen, helping you home in on writers whose names might have several variations, say T.P. Smith and Thomas P. Smith.

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