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IEEE has a variety of publications and services designed to get you up to speed on the smart grid

6 December 2010

IEEE has a variety of publications and services designed to get you up to speed on the smart grid. Here's a sample of what's available.

IEEE Power & Energy Magazine
ps1This bimonthly from the Power & Energy Society is dedicated to disseminating information on all matters of interest to electric power engineers and other professionals in the industry. Feature articles focus from a technical perspective on advanced concepts, technologies, and practices associated with all aspects of electric power. The magazine also covers nontechnical areas such as business, environmental, and social concerns.

IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
Publishes research papers related to energy generation, transmission, distribution, and delivery. The quarterly covers theory, technology, policy, and implementation of the smart grid, and it publishes surveys of ongoing work and papers evaluating power systems affected by the grid.

Topics include cyber- and physical security, distributed energy, intelligent monitoring and outage management, plug-in vehicles added to the grid as power sources, and low-carbon transportation alternatives. The journal is a joint publication of 10 IEEE societies: Communications, Computational Intelligence, Computer, Control Systems, Industrial Electronics, Industry Applications, Instrumentation and Measurement, Power & Energy, Power Electronics, and Signal Processing.

IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy
ps2This quarterly publishes research on the theory and development of sustainable energy technologies and systems related to energy generation, transmission, distribution, and delivery. It also offers articles on design, implementation, and the evaluation of power systems affected by sustainable energy. The journal is sponsored by seven IEEE societies: Industrial Applications, Industrial Electronics, Ocean Engineering, Photonics, Power & Energy, Power Electronics, and the Society for Social Implications of Technology.

These publications are available through the IEEE Xplore digital library, as well as from IEEE online collections, by individual subscription, or by membership in IEEE societies. The digital library also holds more than 2500 other papers on the smart grid published over the years in more than 40 IEEE journals.

A Smart Grid for Intelligent Energy Use

This 8-minute video, which explains the grid and its importance for reducing our carbon footprint, includes interviews with engineers working in the field, business leaders, and public policy specialists.

Power Engineering: Careers That Make Technology Work
An 18-minute video that provides an overview of career possibilities in power engineering and shows professionals in the field discussing the nature of their work.

The IEEE Smart Grid Web Portal

A one-stop source for information about IEEE's involvement in helping make the electricity grid smart. It has sections for conferences, publications, standards, tutorials, and news. The site presents a conceptual model that illustrates how the smart grid operates and the standards needed for each component. The model was designed by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, which has been collaborating with IEEE and other standards bodies to develop a framework for the grid. The framework is divided into seven domains: transmission, bulk generation, distribution, customers, operations, markets, and service providers.

Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse
ps3Developed by the Advanced Research Institute at Virginia Tech, this Web portal holds information related to smart-grid technologies, standards, rules and regulations, case studies, public awareness and education, and job opportunities. The U.S. Department of Energy provided funds for developing the site, and the IEEE Power & Energy Society and EnerNex Corp. assist with its contents. The clearinghouse is meant to serve as a decision-support tool for state and federal regulators.

IEEE Smart Grid LinkedIn
Find others with a common interest in the grid by joining this group.

Perspectives on Smart Grid: From Generation to the Meter and Into the Home
IEEE Fellow Alan Mantooth covers the basics of the grid and its nomenclature, as well as power generation, transmission, distribution, and standards. A professor of electrical engineering at the University of Arkansas, Mantooth is executive director of the university's National Center for Reliable Electric Power Transmission. The webinar is sponsored by the IEEE Graduates of the Last Decade.

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