IEEE Spectrum Offers Searchable Directories for Tech Buyers

New marketplace lists vendors by biomedical, computing, energy, robotics, semiconductors, and telecom

7 July 2010

Need components for a piece of biomedical equipment? Or automation equipment for underground distribution switchgear? Looking for a company that can test and evaluate your product? You can find vendors of such products, equipment, and services in the new IEEE Spectrum Supplier Marketplace. The site brings together for the first time a searchable online catalog tailored for Spectrum readers. It was developed in partnership with MultiView, a publisher of online supplier directories for associations.

“The directories provide practical, useful, and comprehensive information that is custom-tailored by market,” says James Vick, staff director, IEEE Media, in New York City, and publisher of the IEEE Spectrum Group, which oversees the supplier marketplace. “They have the characteristics of a printed directory but with a strong and efficient electronic search capability.”

The site is organized into channels that correspond to six of the nine categories on the IEEE Spectrum Online site: biomedical, computing, energy, robotics, semiconductors, and telecom. Each channel is further divided into categories. For example, in addition to electronic products, the Biomedical Marketplace channel links to companies that supply adhesives and filtration materials. Under the Robotics Marketplace channel are listings that include controllers and accessories such as 3-D trackers and LED headlights as well as links to schools and consultants that offer postgraduate programs and continuing-education courses on robotics.

Users can conduct a keyword search for specific items, such as server racks for computers or a transformer for a power station. It’s also possible to link to suppliers to request more product information or a price quote. And a section within each channel showcases new products and sales promotions.

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