IEEE Xplore Digital Library Adds New Content and Features

More conference proceedings and standards

7 October 2011

The IEEE Xplore digital library has been upgraded to include among other features a wider variety of conference proceedings and standards, a thesaurus, and a new way to find often-cited articles.

A new partnership with the German Electrical Engineering Society (VDE) offers digital library subscribers access to more than 3100 English-language papers from more than 20 of VDE’s annual conferences. The conferences cover computing systems, optical communications, power systems, RFID technologies, and other topics.

“The alliance with VDE provides our subscribers with greater value and more robust research content, and it strengthens IEEE’s position as the technology resource of choice for scientists and engineers around the world,” says Karen Hawkins, staff director of IEEE product design, in Piscataway, N.J.

In addition, IEEE Redline Standards have been added to the IEEE library. So-called redline versions are PDF files that show the actual revisions made to approved or draft standards. Words and sentences that have been added show up in blue, underlined text. Words that have been removed are shown with a red strikethrough . Redline versions are beneficial because users can more quickly identify additions and deletions.

The new IEEE Standards Dictionary of Electrical and Electronics Terms also is now available in IEEE Xplore. The dictionary includes 39 000 standard terms and definitions.

The comprehensive IEEE Index Terms thesaurus is available on all abstract pages of journals and conference papers. Each abstract lists about a dozen terms used in the article. Clicking on one of the terms presents a number of abstracts for other articles in IEEE Xplore that use the same term.


Article citations are now readily found in a Cited By section included with journal article abstracts. The section lists other documents in the digital library that have cited the subject article, including details of the cited article, such as the author’s name and the publication in which it appears. Users can link to the abstract or the full text.

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