IEEE Xplore Expands With New Content

Collections added from other technical organizations

5 March 2012
prodserv Photo: Adam Radosavljevic/iStockphoto

IEEE Xplore hit a major milestone last year when the number of documents in the digital library’s repository topped 3 million. It had taken five years for the library to go from 1 million to 2 million documents in 2009, but it took less than half that time to reach the 3 million mark. The content includes articles from 154 journals and more than 3400 technical standards, 400 e-books, 200 educational courses, and 1300 conference proceedings (an increase last year of more than 50 proceedings). And the growth rate is expected to speed up this year as organizations around the world opt to add their papers and journals to the collection.

Two of China’s prestigious technology organizations plan to include their English-language journals this year in IEEE Xplore: Tsinghua Science and Technology Journal, published by Tsinghua University of Beijing, and the Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics, from the Beijing Institute of Aerospace Information. Tsinghua Science presents new achievements, especially in computer and electronics engineering. In addition to current issues, IEEE Xplore is getting an archive of more than 1800 articles from this journal, some going back to 1996.

The Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics deals with trends in science and technology and the theoretical and practical aspects of research in the field. It also will contribute an archive of more than 1800 articles dating back to 1990 to IEEE Xplore. The two journals will be sold as separate subscriptions.

Thanks to a partnership with the U.K.’s Institution of Engineering and Technology, IEEE Xplore will include the new journal IET Networks. To be published quarterly in its first year, IET Networks covers fundamental developments and advances. Topics include network architecture and technologies; design and planning; software analysis and simulation; and network security, operation, and management.

And continuing this year is a partnership forged in 2011 with the German Electrical Engineering Society (VDE), offering digital library subscribers access to more than 3100 English-language papers from more than 20 of VDE’s annual conferences. Topics covered include computing systems, optical communications, power systems, and RFID technologies.

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