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With the world economy in a downturn and layoffs continuing, the IEEE Job Site has not been sitting still

7 November 2008

With the world economy in a downturn and layoffs continuing, the IEEE Job Site has not been sitting still. The site recently rolled out three new tools that make it easier for members to find jobs among the more than 4000 listings from businesses around the world.

GET ACADEMIC The site’s GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) Academic Professional Portal handles college and university jobs. The portal’s home page displays open positions with links to more details. There’s also a search box for finding jobs in a specific country or geographic region and for filtering positions by type, such as administration or faculty.

GET AN EARLY START The IEEE job site has partnered with AfterCollege, an online network for college students and recent grads looking for entry-level jobs, internships, and other opportunities. AfterCollege will build, maintain, and host custom job resource centers for IEEE’s 407 student branches, says Michael Buryk, business development manager for IEEE Media, the group in New York City that oversees the job site. These centers will aggregate internships and jobs from local employers, the IEEE Job Site, and openings on AfterCollege's national job network.

The resource centers will also have a salary wizard, a relocation cost-of-living calculator, and links to scholarships. And student branches can post announcements about upcoming events at their schools, such as job fairs.

"AfterCollege works with more than a thousand EE departments at universities and colleges to provide their student groups with online recruitment tools," says Buryk. "Now it will expand its reach to help our student members and recent graduates find entry-level jobs."

GET THE WIDGET And now you can look for a job without even visiting the job site. The downloadable IEEE Job Site widget is a program that resides on your computer desktop and lets you launch a job search independently from your Internet browser. “Instead of having to first go online to visit the Job Site and conduct a search, members can save a step by searching for jobs right from their PC or Macintosh computers,” Buryk says. Set up to conduct a job search according to a user’s parameters, the widget can also be installed on a personal Web site, a blog, or a MySpace or Facebook page.


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