Learning the Ins and Outs of IEEE Xplore

Online tutorials teach subscribers how to use features

6 May 2011

IEEE has launched 11 online tutorials to teach new subscribers to the IEEE Xplore digital library how to use its various features. The self-paced tutorials are spoken in English with subtitles in Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Topics covered include how to search for articles, analyze search results, view abstracts, and customize subscriptions. IEEE Client Services, the group that provides training materials for IEEE Xplore, produced the three- to four-minute tutorials, which walk viewers through the features by displaying an associated screen while a narrator explains how to navigate around the site. Users will need Adobe Flash Player version 9 or higher to view the tutorials.

Search With Xplore deals with the global search feature. The tutorial demonstrates the "type ahead" function, which lets users type a word or phrase in the search bar and scroll through and select from a drop-down menu that suggests similar search terms recognized by Xplore.

Working With Results helps narrow a search by explaining how to filter results by publication year, content type, subject, and author. Users also learn how to compile a list of authors who have contributed the most articles on a particular subject.

AbstractPlus covers basic features of IEEE Xplore abstracts, such as how to display the title, author, publication date, volume, and issue number. It also shows how to access an article's AbstractPlus page, a feature available to members and institutional subscribers only, that provides a more detailed view, including a list of references with links to publications the article cites. Users also learn how to compile a list of IEEE articles that have cited the article, with links to view those articles’ abstracts.

Personalization in IEEE Xplore teaches users how to customize their subscriptions by saving their search preferences, subscribing to RSS feeds, and signing up for e-mail alerts that would let them know when new material in their areas of interest is posted.

Other tutorials cover how to browse journals, magazines, conference proceedings, and standards, as well as how to perform advanced searches.


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