New Formatting Tool Makes Submitting Papers Easier

IEEE PDF eXpress gets upgrade

4 February 2011

IEEE has launched an upgraded version of PDF eXpress, its online tool that helps authors format their conference papers for the IEEE Xplore digital library. IEEE PDF eXpress Plus makes it easier for authors to send their papers to IEEE conference organizers.

IEEE PDF eXpress, which has been around since 2004, allows authors to check whether their conference papers comply with IEEE Xplore’s PDF standards. If the papers don’t, PDF eXpress converts them to the correct format. Then the authors e-mail their PDF to the conference organizer. PDF eXpress Plus makes that final step simpler for the organizer by allowing authors to upload their papers directly to a site that has been set up for a specific conference. Once all the authors have submitted their papers, the conference organizer or a technical program chair can download them in a single file for use in the conference proceedings. Conference organizers do not submit papers to IEEE Xplore until after the conference is completed.

The idea for PDF eXpress Plus came after conference organizers and authors requested a simpler method for submitting and collecting conference papers. Twenty-five conferences are using the new tool so far.

If you’re a conference organizer interested in using PDF eXpress Plus, you must request a PDF eXpress Plus site after submitting all required IEEE conference documentation.

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