New Toolkit Helps Strengthen IEEE's Brand

Kit to help provide more uniform look

6 April 2009

IEEE members, students, staff, and volunteers frequently design newsletters, brochures, posters, Web sites, and other communication vehicles incorporating the IEEE brand. But until now there wasn't clear guidance on how to properly depict the brand in visual designs—which resulted in a wide range of looks and messages. The new online Brand Identity Toolkit, rolled out in March, aims to resolve that issue. The kit provides examples that can be used to create materials that support IEEE’s message in a uniform and effective manner.

One of the key elements of the one-stop resource is a set of visual guidelines that explain corporate identity elements as well as rules for how to use them to create powerful communications pieces. The rules cover the basic components of the IEEE brand—typography, imagery, graphic style, and color—as well as standards for applying it to online newsletters and other Web resources.

OTHER MATERIALS The kit contains downloadable master brand images for use online and in printed publications, and customizable documents such as posters, PowerPoint presentation templates, and fliers that can be used to promote any IEEE group, product, or activity.

To further promote the brand, the site contains a link to a new video, IEEE: One Voice, which volunteers and members are encouraged to use at events. The video is aimed at making those in the technology community feel proud to be part of IEEE, and encourage those who are not affiliated with the organization to feel good about the contributions of technology to society.

MORE TO COME Plans call for the kit to be expanded to include a repository of IEEE society logos that can be used on printed and online materials. Also in the works is a best-practices showcase featuring examples of the proper use of the IEEE brand and design elements.

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