Popular Language-Learning Software Now Offered

Rosetta Stone is a new member benefit

6 May 2013

In today’s tough employment market, speaking another language could make the difference in landing a position. With that in mind, IEEE is now offering members a new benefit: Rosetta Stone TOTALe language-learning software. More than 20 languages are available in the online self-paced, interactive program, including Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), English (both American and British), German, Japanese, Polish, and Spanish (from Latin America and Spain).


Rosetta Stone teaches languages the same way people learn their native language: by pairing words to images. The program mimics that process in what it calls dynamic immersion, and it uses interactive software with audio to perfect pronunciation. Words in each language are tied directly to images, the better to enable new words to spring to mind in everyday conversation, according to Rosetta Stone

Users learn to understand everyday language through listening and reading activities, and to pronounce words after practicing them with a speech-comparison tool. Rosetta Stone helps users learn to communicate by teaching them to form complete sentences and hold conversations. Language-specific keyboards help to perfect writing skills. The program regularly reinforces new words and phrases in context to help the language stay in memory.

The TOTALe interactive software suite comprises four components. Rosetta Course provides the foundation for learning a language by teaching vocabulary, grammar, and reading and writing skills. The Studio piece builds up the user’s communication skills through live group practice sessions held online and facilitated by language coaches who are native speakers. Rosetta World keeps learners engaged with interactive language exercises and activities with other TOTALe learners in an online community. In addition, the program can be downloaded to mobile iPad, iPhone, and some Android devices.

The program is available to members for US $219.

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