Adds Alert Feature

Keep up to date with Scitopia through e-mail and RSS alerts

8 January 2009

Want to know when an article on a certain topic has been added to the Scitopia database? Now you can get e-mail or RSS alerts, thanks to a feature recently added to the search engine, which scours more than 3.5 million documents in the digital libraries of IEEE and 21 other science and technology organizations.

Scitopia retrieves recent technical papers faster and more easily than general search engines such as Google and Yahoo. That is because Scitopia relies on a federated search, which allows for real time results, as opposed to search sites like Google that use crawlers that only update their indexes every so often. Also, Scitopia scans only the Web sites associated with its society partners while Google and similar search engines scour a whole host of databases, yielding a lot of search clutter with little relevance. wastes no time and eliminates such clutter.

To sign up for the alert service, you must first create a Scitopia account, which is free. At the homepage, click on the Alert icon at the top. Next, type in the technical field you’d like to be notified about, such as a technical topic or an author’s name. There’s no limit to how many alerts you can arrange.

For more about Scitopia, which added its 22nd partner in September (NACE International, formerly the National Association of Corrosion Engineers), visit

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