Steven Kotler: Is Silicon Valley Ageist or Just Smart?

The Forbes contributor suggests young people may hold a key ingredient to success

31 August 2015

This article is part of our September 2015 special report on startups, which highlights IEEE’s efforts to attract more entrepreneurial types to the organization.

The Forbes contributor writes that although people do get wiser with age, they lose an essential skill at the core of entrepreneurship: risk taking. Facebook and other companies have been criticized for hiring mostly young employees, but Kotler suggests that might be a smart business strategy, helping an organization innovate quickly and take more chances.

He argues, however, that risk taking is a muscle that can be trained, and if seasoned workers flex their “risk muscles,” today’s predominance of youth in Silicon Valley could become a thing of the past.

Do you think Silicon Valley companies’ practice of hiring mostly young employees is a benefit or a detriment to their businesses?

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