IEEE Job Site Gets a Makeover

New design makes for easier navigation

6 August 2009

The IEEE Job Site has been redesigned with new features added and existing information grouped together in more useful ways. The redesign makes the site easier for members to navigate.

Tabs displayed along the top of each page lead members to areas that group together related links. For example, the new Job Seeker Tools tab takes you to resources that show how to write a résumé, cover letter, and follow-up thank-you note, plus interviewing tips.

Under the Employment Resources tab you can search job listings by type from more than 4000 employers and find salary information from IEEE-USA salary surveys, which list average pay based on experience and training. You can use the PayScale Salary Report to compare your compensation to that of other professionals in your field.

The What’s New tab leads to career-related news published in IEEE Spectrum and Today’s Engineer as well as on and The Engineer Online. The section also provides a link to the IEEE Career Alert, a weekly newsletter that publishes articles on jobs, education, management, and the engineering workplace, culled from various sources and compiled by IEEE Spectrum editors. And there’s the monthly Goinglobal e-newsletter, which publishes tips on how to expand career opportunities by working or studying abroad.

The new Webinars tab links to information on upcoming online career seminars held by the IEEE Job Site, IEEE Spectrum, and IEEE-USA. You also can watch archived sessions. And links to more job fairs around the world have been added to the Career Fairs section, where you can register online.




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