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Four new IEEE Expert Now courses dealing with technical skills are available

5 December 2008

Four new IEEE Expert Now courses dealing with technical skills are available. The interactive online courses are based on educational tutorials and workshops held at IEEE conferences around the world.

Space-Time Adaptive Processing for Radar
By Michael L. Picciolo and Scott Goldstein

Deals with systems for space-time adaptive processing, an advanced signal processing method used to mitigate motion-induced spread-Doppler-radar clutter that interferes with the echo from ground targets.

IEEE 802.11N Physical Layer
By Eldad Perahia

Provides a comprehensive overview of the physical layer technology in the IEEE p802.11n draft standard. Topics include applications, environments, channel models, reduced guard intervals, and high-rate coding.

Design of Electrically Small Antennas
By Steven Best

As wireless devices decrease in size, the demand for smaller antennae increases. This course covers the theory, challenges, and performance trade-offs associated with designing small antennae.

Biometrics: Solutions for Security and Authentication
By Kostas Plataniotis

Provides an overview of biometrics, the study of methods for recognizing individual humans based on one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits.

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