IEEE Expert Now Courses: March 2009

Courses cover interconnects and biomedical sensors

6 March 2009

Two new IEEE Expert Now courses are available that deal with skills in interconnects and biomedical sensors. Interactive and online, the courses are based on tutorials and workshops held at IEEE conferences.

Interconnect Technology for 32 nm and Beyond

By Jeff Gambino

Provides an overview of advanced interconnect technologies, including dielectric materials, patterning, metallization, and packaging. New processes are discussed such as ultra-low-K dielectrics, air-gap structures, low-damage patterning methods, thin-barrier and seed layers, and refractory-metal capping layers. The effect of these processes on performance and reliability is also described.

Optical Biomedical Sensors

By Claire Gu

Deals with various sensors, including imaging and spectroscopic techniques, and introduces recent developments such as nanoparticle-surface enhanced Raman scattering and its application in compact molecular sensors. Other topics include the interaction of light with tissues, cells, and molecules; bioimaging; optical tomography; fluorescence spectroscopy; and optical fiber-surface enhanced Raman probes for biomedical applications.

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