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IEEE Fellow presents three courses on clustering

4 September 2009

A series of three IEEE Expert Now courses on clustering is being presented by IEEE Fellow James C. Bezdek, past president of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society. The courses are aimed at those interested in research on or the application of clustering to real-world problems such as data mining, image analysis, and bioinformatics.

A Primer on Cluster Analysis: I. Models and Algorithms

The first course in the series provides a foundation for understanding the field.

A Primer on Clustering: II. Tendency Assessment and Cluster Validity

The second course discusses approaches to preclustering tendency assessment and post­clustering validation and reviews papers on the subject.

A Primer on Clustering: III. Fuzzy Cluster Analysis in Very Large Scale Data Sets

The final course explores one impor­tant approach to the challenge of clustering in very large data: progressing sampling followed by extension.

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