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Subtitles are now available in several languages

4 February 2013

English is recognized as the language of science and technology. So it can be difficult for someone who isn’t conversant with the language to understand the latest research and communicate with other technology professionals around the world.

IEEE.tv recently introduced a way for those members to become more familiar with technical English terms. Subtitles in a number of languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Hindu, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, have been added to 13 IEEE.tv videos. They can be found in the new Translations section of IEEE.tv’s website.

Members must log in to their IEEE accounts and then choose from the list of subtitles displayed to the right of each video. 

One of the videos with subtitles is “Energy Innovations: The Hydrogen House,” which is available in nine languages. In it, IEEE Spectrum Executive Editor and IEEE Fellow Glenn Zorpette interviews Mike Stritzki, an engineer who built the first house in the United States powered entirely by solar and hydrogen energy. Solar energy collected by solar panels on the roof during the summer months generates enough hydrogen to run a fuel cell in the winter, when his area does not get enough sunlight to power the home. Stritzki explains how he built the house, in Hopewell, N.J., and how this kind of system could be installed elsewhere.

Another video, “Winds of Change,” is a 1-hour documentary on the pros and cons of wind power—the world’s leading renewable energy source. Available with subtitles in eight languages, it traces the history of wind energy from the earliest days of a solitary windmill to today’s farms of wind turbines covering many acres that produce hundreds of megawatts. Produced by the IEEE Future Directions Group, this program originally aired in 2011 on U.S. public television.

Other videos cover the smart grid, cognitive computing, and career opportunities available in the field of power engineering

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