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6 December 2010

Seven tutorials are part of the IEEE eLearning Library's Smart Grid 101 series, sponsored by the IEEE Power & Energy Society.

NIST Smart Grid Conceptual Model
By Erich W. Gunther

Explains the seven-level domain model developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), including how electrical and communication interfaces connect the seven domains. The domains cover transmission, bulk generation, distribution, customers, operations, markets, and service providers.

The "Smarter" Grid—What Is It?
By Mark McGranaghan

Reviews the present state of smart-grid applications, including how they drive infrastructure requirements. The course also covers the challenges of deploying the smart grid, grid R&D, and how a smart grid would work. It also explains how industries are cooperating to modernize the grid.

Smart Devices for the Smart Grid
By Erich W. Gunther

Monitoring critical points of the smart grid is key to knowing what's going on and ensuring that the grid is working. This tutorial deals with the monitoring equipment and how it's used to generate useful data around the network, including its use at substations and transformers. The course also covers how to monitor so as to improve services to the customer.

Cyber Security for the Smart Grid
By Kevin Brown

Provides an overview of security principles and how to apply them. It also describes the security efforts being developed by such organizations as NIST and the Open Smart Grid group of the UCA International Users Group.

Distribution Automation—An Enabling Technology for the Smart Grid
By G. Larry Clark

An overview of distribution automation and how it's applied to the smart grid. This tutorial describes the components of distribution automation: supervisory control and data acquisition; the multiple-address-system communications infrastructure; and technologies applied to distribution lines, switches, and network protector relays. It also outlines the benefits of distribution automation and integrated distribution-management systems.

Smart Grid Integration
By Wayne Longcore

Describes the issues involved with integrating smart grid elements into a utility's operations. There's a lot to learn about the next phase of integration, including how to handle the big jump in data that results from monitoring so much more than before.

Standards for Smart Grid
By Erich W. Gunther

Describes a smart-grid standards framework and the challenges associated with developing it. The tutorial also provides an overview of smart-grid network communications and takes a close look at a utility's control center, transmission system, wide area networks, and distribution and field area networks. It also offers recommendations for dealing with market, regulatory, and other external forces.

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