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20 November 2015

IEEE and its members are working on technologies to turn today’s homes into smart ones. That includes wireless communication systems that allow sensors and devices to talk to each other, the cloud to store all the data being generated, analytical systems to make sense of it all, and cybersecurity measures to ensure the data is safe and secure. The Institute’s December special report covers these topics and more.

Here to answer your questions on smart homes are two experts. To participate, tell us what you would like to know more about in the comments section below or by emailing A selection of questions and answers will be published on our site on 31 December.

Bill Ash is the strategic technology program director of the IEEE Standards Association, in Piscataway, N.J. He has been with IEEE-SA for more than 10 years working with standards development groups covering emerging technologies, including those for smart homes.

Sri Chandrasekaran is the director of standards and technology, based in the IEEE India office, in Bangalore. He is focused on key emerging technologies, including the Internet of Things, smart homes and cities, and the smart grid. He is working on standardization initiatives in India in order to engage the local technical community to get involved in the global IEEE standards development efforts.

Tariq Samad is an IEEE Fellow and a 30-year veteran at Honeywell, a global manufacturer of automation and control systems, well known for its smart thermostats and Internet- and voice-controlled home automation and security systems. He works for Honeywell’s Automation and Control Solutions group, in Minneapolis, and is helping to identify what customers will need in the coming years in order to steer his company to develop such products, including those for the smart grid and smart cities.

This article is part of our December 2015 special report on smart homes.

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