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10 February 2014

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The Institute’s blog, IEEE Roundup, informs members about the latest news and trends on technology and engineering, and shares opinions about what’s going on in these areas. To better represent what is happening around the world and in various fields, we would like to invite more IEEE members to contribute to the conversation.

There are many things that IEEE members can blog about such as commenting on a hot topic in the news, writing about what’s going on in their field, or sharing research findings. We also would like to know about how technology is transforming lives by improving the environment, health care, transportation, urban cities, underserved parts of the world, and more.

To get started, read our blogger guidelines below. Then send an email to telling us what you would like to write about along with a brief bio or CV. We look forward to hearing from you.



  • Keep it informal and free of jargon: Blogs are designed to provoke ideas and spark conversation. We encourage contributors to express points of view, share from personal experiences, and write in a conversational tone. Posts should not be highly technical. Rather, they should be written in language that all readers can understand. (For a few more pointers, take a look at these seven tips on writing a successful blog.)
  • Word Count: Blog posts run between 500–1000 words. If you prefer to write a lengthier piece, please consider submitting your blog as a series.

Submission Process

  • Approval and Review: The Institute’s team will review and approve your idea. The editorial team will edit the post to match the publication’s style, as well as for grammar, punctuation, and length. The author will be given the opportunity to accept or reject the edits or add additional information.
  • Publication date: The Institute will schedule when the blog will be published, which could take up to three months. Breaking news and posts on time-sensitive topics are the exception and will be posted sooner.  


  • Submit original content: Please do not submit content that has already been published on a third-party website or in another publication unless you own the copyright. Content that has been published on an author’s personal blog is allowed.
  • Republishing: To republish a post from The Institute, cite the article in the following manner:
    • Print: Reprinted with permission by The Institute, month, and year.
    • Website: Reprinted with permission by The Institute [Link to article](Please see IEEE’s copyright policy for more on republishing rights.)

Conflict of Interest

  • Don’t Sell Anything: Please do not use the blog for promotional purposes such as including links and/or mentions to your company, school, product, or other organization. If the editors feel the post does not meet the mission of the blog community, The Institute has the right not to publish it.
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