New Cloud Computing Encyclopedia Presents Comprehensive View

IEEE-Wiley book contains a wealth of reference material and expert input

12 July 2016

In my In-demand Cloud Computing Professionals Are Being Paid Top Dollar blog entry, IEEE Senior Member San Murugesan provided a list of resources for those who want to be trained to enter the field. In my interview, Murugesan shared his frustration that there was no single compendium with thorough information about cloud computing. He decided to do something about that.

The result is The Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing, which came out this month from IEEE-Wiley. Murugesan and IEEE Senior Member Irena Bojanova edited the book, which was written by experts from industry and academia. The encyclopedia covers research opportunities, best practices, technical standards, and other topics. It addresses issues from multiple perspectives, including the development, operation, management, and use of cloud technology.

“The book presents a holistic perspective on cloud computing by discussing its various facets and showing how to strategically embrace it,” Murugesan says. “It provides IT professionals, educators, researchers, and students a compendium of cloud computing knowledge such as concepts, principles, architectures, and applications, as well as compliance with privacy and regulatory laws.”

The encyclopedia’s 56 chapters are organized into 10 sections. Each chapter presents a summary, references, tables, illustrations, and additional resources. The book examines the impact cloud computing has had on industry and offers predictions about the technology’s future.


In his review of the book, IEEE Fellow Albert Y. Zomaya, editor in chief of IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Computing, says Murugesan and Bojanova have managed to assemble a solid, well-selected group of entries from experts in the field. “I believe the encyclopedia will serve as a valuable source of up-to-date research in this continuously evolving field,” Zomaya says. “It will be well-received by researchers and practitioners.”

Reviewer Jean-Luc Gaudiot, 2017 IEEE Computer Society, says the editors, “should be particularly proud of their accomplishment. They have been able to bring under the same title many of the most recognized names in the field of cloud computing and provide the readers with a broad, yet deep, view.”

“This is the best and most comprehensive book on cloud computing I have ever read,” adds reviewer Lizhe Wang, an IEEE senior member and the associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing.

Published jointly by IEEE and Wiley, the encyclopedia can be purchased from Wiley (hardcover US $150; e-book: $121) and Amazon (hardcover $135; Kindle version: $94).

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