These Recruitment Platforms Can Help You Land a Dream Job in Engineering

Free services match job seekers with fast-growing startups, as well as positions that allow employees to travel or work remotely

22 July 2016

How would you like to land your next job at a top tech startup without ever submitting a résumé? Or a position that would make it possible to live on an exotic island—or work from the comfort of your own home?

Today there are better ways to find a job in your field than sweating over a cover letter for a position you might not even want. Whatever your ideal career move might be, these recruitment platforms can help you get there.


    Triplebyte is a tech-recruiting platform that ignores information such as college degrees and previous job experience to help employers focus solely on candidates’ technical skills. It places engineers into companies from the Y Combinator universe—an incubator for startups that now includes a portfolio of successful ventures, such as Airbnb, Dropbox, and Uber.

    Candidates must complete a two-part technical evaluation before they are matched with potential employers. According to a Fast Company article, Triplebyte removes any unconscious biases hiring managers might have—which levels the playing field not only in terms of education and experience but also in gender and ethnicity. Those who pass the technical evaluation receive a list of companies and their open positions that would be a good match. Triplebyte also sets up on-site interviews and helps candidates with salary negotiations.

    The recruitment service Company Bots, from programming site CodeFights, asks job seekers to complete a challenge the hiring company is already working on. When Uber was recruiting through the platform, for example, it asked candidates to solve a core problem the company faced, such as finding optimal driving routes for its navigation system. Those who submitted what Uber thought were the best solutions moved on to the interview process. CodeFights CEO Tigran Sloyan told Fast Company that firms report a 10 times higher conversion rate from interview to hire for candidates that come through his platform rather than other methods.


    Want to work as a user-interface designer in Malaysia, or be a coder for a fast-growing startup in Ireland? Check out Jobbatical, which features open positions in engineering and technology based in exotic locations. Its mission is to provide “career adventures” by matching a candidate’s skill set and travel aspirations with companies around the globe.

    Many of the positions are short-term—often for six months or a year—to allow employees to move around and gain new experiences. According to a Tech Crunch article, it’s the right time for such a platform, because the nature of work is changing. People are more likely to take several “jobbaticals” instead of working for a single employer, the article says.

    Jobbatical makes it clear up front to the employee and employer what the commitment will be. More than 1,200 companies from more than 40 countries have posted jobs.


    PowerToFly connects female engineers and technologists with positions that allow them to work remotely. Those who used the service have landed jobs such as mobile developer for BuzzFeed and front-end developer for the social media analytics platform

    Cofounders Milena Berry and Katharine Zaleski say work-from-home positions are a way to close the gender gap in technology, particularly for mothers. It also attracts women who don’t live near Silicon Valley or another tech hub.

    “You can be just as productive, just as valuable to a team, but you can do it remotely,” Zaleski said in an interview with CBS News.

    To get started, job seekers create a profile and list the fields in which they would like work, such as information security or software testing. They have to take a skills test before being matched with potential employers. Candidates who pass the test interview with hiring managers—often virtually—and PowerToFly helps negotiate salaries and other terms of employment.

Have you tried a recruitment platform? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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