Ten Technologies That Could Change the World By 2022

IEEE Computer Society predicts the future state of computing

12 November 2014

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Making predictions about technology can be a tricky business. Only a small fraction of innovations truly disrupt the state of the art. Predicting the future in the computer industry is even harder and riskier due to dramatic changes in technology and challenges to innovation. That’s why the IEEE Computer Society (CS) spent the better part of this year with experts from Facebook, Google, HP Labs, and Microsoft as well as Georgia Tech and Penn State to help it write the IEEE CS 2022 Report, which predicts disruptive technologies. The aim of the report is to aid researchers in exploring the impact of the technologies, and help others understand where technology is going.

The group surveyed the current state and progress of different technologies used in fields such as big data, high-performance computing, the Internet of Things, life sciences, nanotechnology, and robotics (many have been the topics for our special reports). The team also surveyed several thousand IEEE members about the forces behind technology changes. The group further honed its list by examining each technology in light of 16 major drivers and 11 disruptors. They came up with 23 technologies that will change the world in the next eight years.

“These technologies, tied into what we call seamless intelligence, present a view of the future,” said IEEE Computer Society President Dejan Milojicic, who led creation of the 2022 Report. “Technology is the enabler. What humanity takes out of it really depends on human society.”

Below are the first 10. The CS 2022 Report is composed of a series of reports, each one examining the 23 technologies in more detail. It’s free so take a deeper dive than I’ve done here.

Looking into the future, what technologies and trends do you believe will make the biggest impact by 2022?

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