Ask The Expert: Smart Cities

IEEE Fellow answers your questions on building more-intelligent communities

23 May 2014

Photo: TEDx Talks

IEEE Fellow Mischa Dohler gives a presentation on smart cities at a TEDx Talk in London.

Our June special report on smart cities focuses on the development of urban areas around the world that are using the latest technology to update their infrastructure and services. Because no two cities are alike, each has its unique needs to address. Some are using big-data analysis and advanced surveillance equipment to help stop crime before it happens, while others have installed pneumatic waste management systems to keep city streets clean. Other cities are working on traffic control, reducing air pollution or energy usage, and improving public transportation and parking.

To help answer questions about making cities more sophisticated, we invited IEEE Fellow Mischa Dohler to join the conversation. He is the cofounder of World Sensing, a company that offers solutions for building smarter cities, with offices based in Barcelona and London (both considered to be smart cities). At a TEDx Talk in December, Dohler discussed how big data and citizen engagement could improve urban environments, but that there’s still much to be done. “It’s not just about gathering data and small statistics. It’s about doing something; turning the data into action,” he says.  

Dohler is a distinguished lecturer for the IEEE Communications Society and editor in chief of the Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies and senior technical editor of the IEEE Communications Magazine. He is also the chair of wireless communications at King’s College, in London.

If you’re curious about how your city might change because of smart technologies, or would like to better understand how to help build more-intelligent infrastructure and services, leave your question for Dohler in the comments section below or Tweet it to us @IEEEInstitute. The answers will be posted on our site 30 June. Also be sure to check the mail for your June copy of The Institute, which covers smart-city applications, standards, conferences, and more or sign up for our Alert e-newsletter to get notified of our latest online articles.

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