IEEE Standards Assocation Visits India

Group meets with local engineers to develop standards specific to the region

23 October 2013

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Sri Chandrasekaran Photo: Sri Chandrasekaran

Sri Chandrasekaran is the standards senior manager in India for the IEEE Standards Association.

The IEEE Standards Association formed a strategy team last year for India with the goal to make standards applicable to a global audience. To accomplish this, our team recently led an outreach effort this summer to engage with organizations and develop strong relationships with the engineering community throughout the country.

The motivation for the outreach program was to provide insight into the activities that are happening with IEEE-SA in the country and to understand the needs and requirements of the local community.

The IEEE Standards Association meets with local engineers in India to learn how to better develop standards for the region. Photo: IEEE Standards Associations

We met with industry leaders, government organizations—including the Bureau of Indian Standards and Department of Telecommunications—educational institutions, and research and development labs. We also met with the engineering community in India through a standards workshop in Bangalore. In all the meetings, our goal was to encourage IEEE standard adoption and adaption to advance technologies in the region, as well as raise awareness about relevant standards, create partnerships to support local initiatives, engage local engineers to participate in the standardization process, and examine the regional requirements for new standards opportunities in the country.

Despite a very hectic schedule of meeting 20 organizations, along with hosting standards specific workshops and conferences in a span of two and half weeks, the team felt that the outreach was extremely effective and achieved the desired objectives in the region. This will enable future initiatives and activities for further interactions and collaboration in India.

Engagement opportunities were identified in places where synergies already exist between the initiatives on the ground and mission of IEEE. Necessary follow-up discussions have been identified in order to take the next steps and execute some of these identified opportunities. Workshop programs on a specific technology theme, such as the Last Mile Connectivity workshop, were extremely successful with requests for more. These workshops enhance the knowledge of local engineers and helps the community share expertise.

Through this effort, we identified the areas that will require further development of standards to match local needs: smart grid, telecommunications, e-health, cloud computing, VLSI/design automation, and robotics.

Given the depth of each of these, it was decided to focus on two key areas: smart grid and telecommunications.

While we have many goals at the IEEE India office, based in Bangalore, standards activities is at the top of the list. We’d like to enable more of the Indian engineering community to help IEEE develop standards and become proponents for the country to put them into practice.

Our team includes: IEEE Standards Activities staffers Bob Labelle, Karen McCabe, Bill Ash, Harish Mysore, Ravi Subramaniam, Samuel Sciacca (SCS Consulting LLC), Wael Diab (Broadcom)

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