TechNav Helps Members Discover IEEE Resources by Technical Topic

It’s a one-stop shop for finding courses, journals, and job openings

11 January 2017

The IEEE Technology Navigator tool—“TechNav” for short—allows members to browse intellectual property developed by IEEE technical societies, councils, and working groups. The resources include articles published in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library and online courses and standards, as well as job listings from high-tech employers.

The platform makes it easy to access the resources by categories such as the Internet of Things, lasers, manufacturing, microwave technology, security, and software. Users can then go deeper by clicking one of the categories and get a list of tags related to the field.


TechNav came about because of the large amount of IEEE intellectual property that’s generated throughout the organization, much of which is essentially unknown to members. Without TechNav, members would have a much more difficult time finding the many resources available. The more that people get access to the information they need through the tool, the more it will help them in their design, development, and research work.

The tool searches for resources throughout the entire organization, eliminating the need to visit various websites to find information on a single topic. Moreover, much of what is available from IEEE is not discoverable on the Internet in the first place. To get around that, TechNav has been designed so that IEEE groups can simply tag their online resources with specific technical terms, helping people find the desired content by clicking on the tag.


TechNav has become a useful tool for academia especially. Engineering professors in the United States, for example, are encouraging students to use it to help them find background information for their theses. Students also can find related online courses, as well as look for internship and job opportunities, which are pulled in from the IEEE Job Site.

TechNav has helped engineering students in India and elsewhere figure out which technical areas to pursue by researching the many fields. Journal articles and other resources have given them insight into which fields hold the most promise, and webinars describe the skills and courses required to land a job.

IEEE Fellow Harold Flescher is the brainchild behind IEEE TechNav and a volunteer with the organization for more than 40 years, including his leadership roles with IEEE Technical Activities. A consultant to companies working on complex engineering projects, he is based in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

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