Improvements Made to IEEE Fellow Nomination Process

New online system saves time

14 May 2014

Nominating a senior member for IEEE Fellow grade just got easier with the new Fellow Online System. Several time-saving features have been introduced.

After nominators log into the system, they must first enter the nominee’s IEEE member number to start the process of initiating a nomination. Using this information, the system will let the nominator know within seconds whether the nominee meets the requirements of being an active IEEE senior or life senior member and whether the member has been in good standing for five years or more. If the person is ineligible, the system will prevent the nominator from completing the rest of the form, saving the person time.

This is also the same process for checking the eligibility of references. The nomination must include at least five but no more than eight references who are IEEE Fellows. After the nominator enters each reference’s IEEE member number, the system will check eligibility and inform the nominator within seconds if the reference is eligible or not.

The system also lets nominators make changes to the nomination form they submitted up until the 1 March submission deadline. Providing nominators this kind of flexibility allows for a stronger nomination. They can update text regarding individual contributions and evidence of technical accomplishments, update email addresses, and add and delete the names of references and endorsers. (In some cases, the significance of a nominee’s contributions or achievements may be best understood and evaluated by an individual who is not an IEEE member. Up to three of these can also be included to support the nomination.)

Nomination forms can also be withdrawn from the system as long as this is done so by the deadline. After the submission deadline, the system will authenticate all the data and verify that each nomination package is complete. Once this has been completed, nominators will receive a confirmation letting them know whether the nomination will be considered.

The system is now open and ready to accept nominations for the class of 2016.  It’s never too early to start. The submission deadline is 1 March 2015.

The IEEE Fellow program is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Read about its history.

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