Society Spotlights: March 2013

Four IEEE societies and a technical council deal with rebooting computing

8 March 2013

IEEE Circuits and Systems Society
Members of CAS are involved with the theory, analysis, design, and implementation of circuits and systems. Their purview spans theoretical foundations, applications, and architectures, as well as circuits and systems implementation of algorithms for signal and information processing. As IEEE’s Rebooting Computing initiative seeks to meld proposed innovations, system considerations are likely to become paramount. Society members and other experts will try to ensure that the interfaces are adequate, and provide system-level designs that affect device and technology requirements.

IEEE Computer Society
The society brings together experts from all aspects of computing. Its fields of interest include hardware, software, multimedia, IT, security, networking, and mobile computing. Because of the society’s involvement in such areas as multicore, cloud, and green computing, the Rebooting Computing initiative is certain to tap into its vast resource of experienced IEEE volunteers and outside experts, whose interaction is likely to define the direction the initiative takes.

IEEE Council on Superconductivity
Superconducting electronics seek to resolve bottlenecks in performance and efficiency. They may occupy only a fraction of a system but they work with other technologies to achieve speedy, affordable performance. The council is focused on applications involving superconducting materials, devices, circuits, and systems. The council’s sponsors are the IEEE Communications; Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology; Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation; Electron Devices; Instrumentation and Measurement; Magnetics; Microwave Theory and Techniques; Power & Energy; Reliability; and Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control societies. One of the leaders of the Rebooting Computing initiative, the council provides direction for introducing high efficiency into systems by combining superconductivity with traditional materials, technologies, architectures, and software.

IEEE Electron Devices Society
Society members experiment with and simulate electronic and ionic devices involving insulators, metals, organic materials, plasmas, semiconductors, quantum-effect materials, vacuums, and emerging materials. Applications include bioelectronics, biomedical systems, computing, communications, electro and micro mechanics, imaging, micro actuators, optics, photovoltaics, power electronics, sensors, and signal processing. As the Rebooting Computing initiative rethinks aspects of technology, understanding fundamental performance and design is required. Members of this society are providing input for making changes required for energy efficiency.

IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society
Integrated circuits almost certainly will continue at the heart of computing systems, making the involvement of this society in the Rebooting Computing initiative essential in optimizing circuit designs and architectures. The society is interested in the design, implementation, testing, and application of solid-state circuits and subsystems, as well as closely related topics in device technology and circuit theory. Its scope includes scientific, technical, and industrial applications.

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