Society Spotlights: September 2011

Many IEEE societies are involved in technologies for electric and hybrid vehicles.

9 September 2011

IEEE Computational Intelligence Society

The society is helping develop software approaches to support large-scale integration of hybrid and plug-in EVs into the power grid. The society’s interests include tools for optimizing large-scale systems under dynamic and uncertain environments, such as those resulting from widespread integration of hybrid vehicles into power systems. Members of the society have helped create techniques for optimum control and optimization of components, processes, and systems for electric vehicles.

IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society

The theory and application of measurement involves sensing phenomena, processing signals and data, and interpreting information. Consequently, the society is involved in many fields, including power generation and distribution, communications, and transportation. Its members are pushing the frontiers of electric-drivetrain cars. The EVs’ batteries and high-voltage systems require constant monitoring and control to ensure safety and drivability and to minimize the cost of ownership.

IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society

Many of the society’s members deal with electronics development, control, sensing, and battery-charging issues in hybrids and EVs. Also, a lot of research is reported in the society’s publications on real-time information transmittal for in-vehicle energy management, route planning, and energy pricing. One of the society’s annual conferences, the International Conference on Vehicle Electronics and Safety, is a venue for EV, plug-in hybrid EV, and hybrid vehicle-related presentations.

IEEE Vehicular Technology Society

This society is involved with the electrical and electronics engineering technology required to design and develop the new breed of hybrids and EVs. To get members up to speed, a series of DVDs has been created based on lectures given by experts from the automotive industry and academia [see Products & Services, p. 11]. The DVDs cover the design of circuitry, power electronics, propulsion batteries, and motors, as well as requirements for emissions, performance, and durability.

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