Are Google Glasses in Your Future?

Not yet available, the augmented-reality glasses are already creating a fuss

4 May 2012

The tech community is buzzing about a video unveiled in April of Google’s augmented-reality eyeglasses, dubbed Project Glass. The video shows what could happen when someone wears the glasses. As the man in the video walks around a city, information bubbles pop up in his view, with written messages presenting, for example, a weather forecast, incoming text messages, and updates on train service.

Although Google has no date for introducing the glasses, critics are already predicting failure. Some say the product can’t possibly live up to the hype in the video. Spoofs on YouTube show wearers bumping into things because the information bubbles block their view, or being bombarded by pop-up ads. And yet, other people say they can’t wait to buy the glasses.

What do you think of the idea? Will the glasses be a success? Would you buy them?

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