Can Our Minds Replace Smartphone Apps?

Tech enthusiasts predict people will be able to control smart devices with their thoughts

4 May 2015

In the next decade, people will be able to control everyday smart devices just by thinking about them. That was the leading prediction in an IEEE Internet of Things survey of more than 3,000 tech enthusiasts. They believe it will be possible for most home appliances, security systems, and even video games to understand users’ instructions through brain waves so that mind-controlled technology would replace smartphone apps.

“Consumer technology is advancing beyond the constraints of mobile devices to wearable form factors,” said IEEE Member Diogo Mónica in a news release about the survey’s findings. “The next step in this evolution will be the ability to control technology in a hands-free way using brainpower alone.” Mónica is chair of the IEEE Public Visibility Initiative and security lead at Docker, which provides an open platform to help developers build applications, in San Francisco.

Do you agree that mind-controlled devices will replace smartphone apps? Might the technology benefit users, or be a cause for concern?

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