Early EV Adopters

Will you be one of the first to buy an all-electric car?

9 September 2011

Despite the buzz about Nissan’s recently launched all-electric Leaf automobile [above], only 1025 were sold this year through April. Nissan, which blames the slow sales on a temporary lack of supply, says it hopes to sell 10 000 of the US $32 000 vehicles by year’s end. By that time, an all-electric Ford Focus should be available. And then there’s the high-performance $109 000 Tesla Roadster, first delivered in 2008. 

nissan2 Photo: Nissan

U.S. purchasers can get a $7500 federal tax credit, but many people hesitate to buy an EV for a number of reasons, including the cars’ limited range, the lack of charging stations, the time it takes to charge the car, and the possibility that severe cold and using the heater or air conditioner will drain the battery.

Do you plan to buy an all-electric car? 
Why or why not?

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