How Private Is Your Cellphone?

Your mobile device might be keeping tabs on your every move

6 January 2012

According to a report by security researcher Trevor Eckhart, an estimated 150 million mobile devices contain software that logs everything their users do, including the websites they browse and what their text messages say. Eckhart recently posted a video showing that the software—Carrier IQ—even records data from websites encrypted to prevent such tracking. Other researchers who studied the software said it does not seem to transmit the contents of e-mails or text messages, but captures detailed information about recipients of messages as well as their destinations. Mobile phone carriers, including AT&T, claim Carrier IQ is just a diagnostic tool needed to help them assess and troubleshoot their networks. But many users are upset about the software and call it an invasion of privacy—one they hadn’t known anything about.

How do you feel about your privacy on mobile phones?

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