Sony's Hacking Nightmare

After a major security breach, would you play again?

4 August 2011

Sony shut down its PlayStation network on 20 April after a hacker gained access to the personal information, including credit card details, of 77 million users. The free network allows people to play games over the Internet with others around the world, as well as download movies and games. Sony did not disclose the security breach, which occurred between 17 and 19 April, until 22 April, and didn’t reveal the full extent of the damage until 27 April. Parts of the network didn’t get back up for as long as a month. Many gamers were angered by how long the company took to notify them of the situation. Sony officials said they needed time to investigate the incident, and the company is now offering some freebies as compensation, including identity theft protection for one year and game downloads.

If you’re a PlayStation fan, do you plan to use the network now? How could Sony have handled the security breach better?


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