The Biggest Tech Failure of 2012?

Considering last year’s technological disasters

4 February 2013
2w.question Photo: iStockphoto

A recent article on reviewed what it considered the top 10 tech failures of 2012. Topping the list was Apple Maps, the company’s attempt at its own navigation app for the iPhone. The company had replaced Google’s popular mapping app, which lacked turn-by-turn service for iPhone users. But Apple Maps was filled with problems, including wrong directions and missed landmarks. Complaints were so fierce that Apple publicly apologized.

Other efforts considered failures included Facebook’s overhyped IPO launch; the drop in popularity of online coupon services like Groupon and Living Social as the year progressed; the Stop Online Piracy Act, which faced widespread protest from the public; and Google’s media-streaming device the Nexus Q, so fiercely criticized for its price and features that Google had to delay its launch.

What do you think was the biggest technological failure of 2012 and why?

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