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6 May 2011

"Lighting Up Haiti" (April) really drives home the need for power to be distributed to that country's homes and businesses.

I visited Haiti last year on behalf of a company that wanted to expand the country's only private TV station and make it available to all of Haiti's citizens. Part of the project was to set up HDTV displays in the centers of small cities so local residents could watch television, and I suggested using solar energy to power some of the sites. My first thought was to place the units on vehicles like the SunBlazer trailers mentioned in your article, but considering how easy it might be for them to be stolen, I decided that small storage units without wheels would be more secure.

The project has been on hold since August, partly due to a lack of funds. However, I will be interested to see how far the SunBlazer project gets in bringing electric power to local communities.

Ed Reid
Arlington, Texas

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