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5 September 2008

Skip the Fluff

“Melding Mind and Machine” [June, p. 5] was disappointing. It provided no technical information concerning the current state of the art. It was no better than what I would expect to find in a story by the Associated Press. I certainly don’t expect the detail of a journal article; but I do expect a link to some technical information. IEEE should never be associated with fluff.

Pewaukee, Wis.

The goal of The Institute is to provide readers with a broad overview of IEEE’s involvement in technologies through its societies, publications, and the work of its members. In-depth technical articles can be found in IEEE Spectrum and in the many other IEEE publications. To find the article referenced in the story, “Signal Processing Challenges for Neural Prostheses” [IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, January 2008], visit the IEEE Xplore digital library. —Ed.

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