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6 October 2010

Is 3-D My Father's HDTV?

While reading “Glasses-Free 3-D for Large Audiences” [August], I thought of my father, who believed that HDTV was a waste of time and money. He thought it would be useful only in situations where extra resolution could be helpful, such as in medical conferencing. Ever practical, he saw no value in being able to see the blades of grass while watching a Boston Red Sox game.

He died before HDTV was widely available. Though I never agreed with his views about HDTV, I find myself having a similar view in regard to 3-D TV. I can’t say I will never buy a 3-D TV, because the day may come when I won’t have a choice; just as if my father were alive today, he would be watching HDTV due to a lack of options.

Going to a cinema is expensive enough these days without paying the premium for a 3-D version of a film. There comes a point when an otherwise mediocre story becomes a hit just for its special effects. Avatar is a prime example of this, and hats off to James Cameron. He made a fortune polishing a cow flop and will make even more with the latest hyper-polished version of the film. 3-D imaging is just one more way producers can avoid creating engaging plots and content and focus on flash instead.

Mark Kelcourse
Greensboro, N.C.

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