The Legacy of Gary Kildall: The CP/M IEEE Milestone Dedication

25 July 2014
The operating system was a fundamental building block of the personal computer revolution

Meet the Father of the Cellphone

17 July 2014
IEEE Life Fellow Martin Cooper discusses his invention in this video

5G Explained

11 July 2014
IEEE Fellow Ted Rappaport discusses the future of wireless

Assessing the Impact of Research Articles

2 July 2014
IEEE issues guidelines to improve quality of papers

The Smart City Tour: Barcelona

26 June 2014
Video highlights technological advances taking place in the city

Tech News: Smart Cities

20 June 2014
This segment focuses on advancing urban areas with technology

Rio de Janeiro: A Smart City

18 June 2014
Protecting its residents using big data and advanced technology

Guadalajara: The Next Smart City

9 June 2014
Video highlights technological advancements in Mexico’s Silicon Valley

Video: Advancing Photovoltaic Technology

23 May 2014
IEEE experts discuss the future of harnessing solar energy

The National Electric Safety Code Explained

16 May 2014
The standard has saved lives for 100 years

The First Television Video Game Played in 1969

9 May 2014
IEEE Life Fellow Ralph Baer pioneered home video games

Virgin Galactic's Test Flight To Space

2 May 2014
The company is expected to launch its space tourism program in 2015

Paris Preserves One of Its Oldest Trains

25 April 2014
Visitors can still take a ride on the electric streetcar

What Cars Will Our Grandchildren Drive?

18 April 2014
Chair of Ford Motors envisions future transportation

The Autonomous Challenge: From Italy to China

10 April 2014
IEEE Fellow helps lead the longest trip taken with a self-driving vehicle

Evolving Battery Technology For Automobiles

3 April 2014 video showcases the latest advances for cars

Vinton Cerf Discusses the Invention of the Internet

26 March 2014
Indian television network NDTV interviews the father of the Web

The Power of the Internet of Things

19 March 2014
Video from IBM illustrates the acceleration of the IoT

Setting Standards for the IoT

12 March 2014
Video highlights IEEE's involvement in the interconnected future

Tech News: The Internet of Things

7 March 2014
This segment focuses on IEEE's role in the IoT revolution

Black Boxes Make Headlines in Recent News

20 February 2014
One IEEE member weighs in on growing concerns over data collection in cars

IEEE in 1993

12 February 2014
Video provides a flashback of the organization's plans for the future

Toshiba Puts Durability to the Test

5 February 2014
Amusing videos show what the company's laptops can withstand

Engineers Week 2014

23 January 2014
Panel of experts discuss the many facets of engineering

Cloud Standardization

17 January 2014
Video discusses the role of standards in cloud computing

Low-Voltage Therapy for the Mind

9 January 2014
Video discusses affects of transcranial direct current stimulation on the brain

Two NASA Astronauts Take 'Christmas Eve' Spacewalk

24 December 2013
IEEE Member Rick Mastracchio helps repair the International Space Station

Tech News: Nanotechnology

20 December 2013
This segment focuses on IEEE's role in developing life-saving applications

Waterproof Clothing Technology

12 December 2013
See how nanoparticles separate water from the cloth

The Future of Delivery Service

10 December 2013
How drones will change the way we shop