Photo: IEEE Kerala Section

Volunteers Come Together to Help Survivors of Floods in Kerala, India

POSTED BY: SHAHIM BAKER / 19 November 2018

IEEE section created a Web portal and built power banks and LED lamps

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Would You Quit a Tech Project Over Ethical Concerns?

POSTED BY: KATHY PRETZ / 2 November 2018
Engineers at Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are demanding the companies put ethics before profits

Photo: BMW

Battery Energy Storage Systems Are on the Rise

POSTED BY: QUSI ALQARQAZ / 22 October 2018
BMW, GE, and several U.S. states have plans to use the clean energy

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Is Excessive Video-Game Playing a Medical Disorder?

POSTED BY: KATHY PRETZ / 5 October 2018
The World Health Organization has classified gaming addiction as a disease but others say evidence is lacking

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For Safer Coastal Living, Thank Engineers

POSTED BY: RYAN AYERS / 3 October 2018
Drones, AI buoys, and composite-based sensors are providing protection against natural disasters

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Should Employees Get Paid for Working While Commuting?

POSTED BY: KATHY PRETZ / 20 September 2018
Some say time spent checking email and making client calls should be on the clock

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IEEE Day Ambassador Gears Up for 2 October Event

POSTED BY: ONUR KARMIS / 19 September 2018
He’s one of the people working behind the scenes to organize activities

Photo: Amr Mostafa

Why I Became an IEEE Day Ambassador

Encouragement and advice from peers led this student member to volunteer

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Up in the Air: Protecting the Friendly Skies From Cyber Threats

Aviation industry is under daily attack by black-hat hackers

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Why Schools Are Getting More Serious About Teaching Engineering Students About Ethics

POSTED BY: KATHY PRETZ / 5 September 2018
Harvard, MIT, and Stanford say it’s more important than ever to recognize the ramifications of AI technology