Region 1: Northeastern U.S.

  • 8 December 2014 New Jersey Coast Section forms IEEE Power & Energy Society chapter.
  • 8 December 2014 Green Mountain (Vt.) Section forms IEEE Electron Devices Society chapter.
  • 8 December 2014 Providence (R.I.) Section forms joint chapter of IEEE Oceanic Engineering and Signal Processing societies.
  • 8 September 2014 New Jersey Coast Section forms IEEE Education Society chapter.
  • 8 September 2014 Binghamton (N.Y.) Section forms IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society chapter.
  • 6 June 2014 North Jersey and New York sections form joint IEEE Information Theory Society chapter.
  • 2 April 2014

    The UMass IEEE Student Branch is hosting HackUMass ( - a 24-hour embedded systems hackathon. 24 student teams from around Region 1 will build (hack) hardware and software with Arduino-based kits for 24 hours on April 4th and 5th.

  • 6 December 2013 Long Island (N.Y) Section forms IEEE Photonics Society chapter.
  • 6 December 2013 Student branch formed at Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, N.Y.
  • 6 December 2013 Albuquerque Section forms joint chapter of IEEE Power & Energy and IEEE Power Electronics societies.

Articles for Northeastern U.S.

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5 November 2010
Volunteers are working on boosting IEEE's relationship with industry

First IEEE Industry Day a Big Success

6 May 2009
The IEEE Region 1-sponsored conference covered how communications and green technologies are changing the way companies do business


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