Region 6: Western U.S.

  • 6 March 2015 Student branch at San Jose State University, California, forms IEEE Signal Processing Society chapter.
  • 8 December 2014 Coastal Los Angeles Section forms IEEE Life Member affinity group.
  • 8 December 2014 Metropolitan Los Angeles Section forms IEEE Photonics Society chapter.
  • 8 September 2014 Student branch formed at ITT Technical University, Las Vegas.
  • 8 September 2014 Student branch at Western Washington University, Bellingham, Wash., forms IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society chapter.
  • 6 June 2014 Foothills (California) Section forms IEEE Young Professionals (formerly Graduates of the Last Decade) affinity group.
  • 6 June 2014 San Fernando Valley (California) Section forms IEEE Industry Applications Society chapter
  • 6 June 2014 Student branches formed at California State University, Bakersfield, and Southern California Institute of Technology, Anaheim.
  • 25 April 2014

    28 February 2014: IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu Chapter installed at University of California, Riverside.

  • 7 March 2014 Student branch formed at DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, Wash.

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