Conferences: February Through April 2009

Featured Conference IEEE International Systems Conference Vancouver 23–26 March The Systems Conference offers a forum for the presentation of papers dealing with the advancement of system design, development, and management

5 December 2008

Featured Conference

vanIEEE International Systems Conference
23–26 March

The Systems Conference offers a forum for the presentation of papers dealing with the advancement of system design, development, and management. The program is geared to systems-engineering practitioners, managers, researchers, and educators.

Topics include applications of large-scale systems, research opportunities relating to system of systems, and processes for the system-of-systems environment.

SPONSOR: IEEE Systems Council



sanIEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference

San Francisco
8–12 February

A forum for the presentation of advances in solid-state circuits and systems on a chip, the conference offers an opportunity for engineers working on the cutting edge of IC design and application to maintain technical currency and to network with leading experts.

One session during the conference, “Green Electronics: Environmental Impacts, Power and E-Waste,” brings green manufacturing issues to the fore. Also, Intel is expected to unveil its new Itanium processor for mobile devices, the first processor to hold more than 2 billion transistors.

SPONSOR: IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society



guaInternational Microwave Workshop Series On Signal Integrity And High-Speed Interconnects

Guadalajara, Mexico
19 and 20 February

The first in this series of workshops to take place in IEEE Region 9 sets out to explore industrially relevant problems in the microwave field and to contribute to the education and training of engineers working in the field in Latin America.

Topics include high-speed and state-of-the-art inter­connects, electromagnetic compatibility and EMC measurement techniques, crosstalk and coupling effects, signal integrity, and high-speed digital techniques.

SPONSOR: IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society



seaIEEE PES Power Systems Conference And Exposition

15–18 March

The conference covers issues vital to electric power systems. Exhibitors at the exposition showcase state-of-the-art software and hardware systems as well as consulting services.

Topics include system-wide events and analysis methods, the integration of wind energy, emerging software needs for restructured grids, control-system robustness, and the smart grid and the Internet.

SPONSOR: IEEE Power & Energy Society



malIEEE International Conference On Mechatronics

Málaga, Spain
14–17 April

This conference is designed to spark discussion about the latest in mechatronics, to present research results and prospects for their development, and to stimulate cross-fertilization among different fields.

Other issues include modeling and design, motion control, system integration, vibration and noise control, robotics, and intelligent control.

SPONSOR: IEEE Industrial Electronics Society



monIEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium

26–30 April

For more than 40 years, this symposium has been the world’s premier conference for engineers and scientists who are presenting original work in the field of microelectronic device reliability.

The three-day meeting addresses reliability concerns associated not only with silicon, including microelectromechanical systems, but also gallium arsonide, LEDs and diode lasers, optical fiber, flat-panel displays, and organic electronics and nanotechnology.

The conference includes two days of tutorials, evening session workshops, and equipment demonstrations.

SPONSORs: IEEE Electron Devices Society, IEEE Reliability Society



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