Conferences: Jan-June 2011

  Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Anaheim, Calif

6 December 2010

Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies

Anaheim, Calif.
17–19 January

Topics include the effect on the smart grid of electric cars and distributed generation and storage, smart sensors and the metering infrastructure, cybersecurity systems, and standards.

SPONSOR: IEEE Power & Energy Society



IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium

San Antonio
22–24 February

Sensors are expected to play an important role in smart-grid power management. Symposium topics include biosensors, MEMS and nanosensors, networked sensors, multisensor data fusion, and remote sensing.

SPONSOR: IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Society



IEEE Power and Energy Conference at Illinois

Urbana, Ill.
25–26 February

This student-led conference promotes academic and research collaboration among universities in IEEE Region 4 that are working on future technologies. It covers power electronics, energy markets, and renewable and sustainable energy.

SPONSOR: IEEE Power Electronics Society



IEEE/PES Power Systems Conference and Exposition

20–23 March

This year's theme is the next-generation grid. Topics include software needs of the restructured grid, advanced computational methods for power systems planning, intelligent monitoring, and integrating wind and solar energy.

SPONSOR: IEEE Power & Energy Society



India International Conference on Power Electronics

New Delhi
28–30 January

With an eye on the restructured power systems needed for the smart grid and energy sustainability, the conference will cover power electronics, drives, and power system technology.

SPONSORS: IEEE Power Electronics Society, Delhi Section's IEEE PELS/Industrial Electronics joint chapter



Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference

Wuhan, China
25–28 March

Sessions highlight hydropower and thermal- and nuclear-power engineering, new and renewable sources of energy, power transmission and distribution techniques, and power systems management.

SPONSORS: IEEE Power & Energy Society, IEEE Wuhan Section



International Symposium on Power Line Communications and Its Applications

Udine, Italy
3–6 April

Covers power line communication systems and standardization activities, including access; home networking, in-vehicle, and utility applications; the smart grid; and green communications.

SPONSOR: IEEE Communications Society



IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics & Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition Asia

Jeju, Korea
30 May–3 June

Topics include power semiconductor devices, microgrid and distributed generation, and power electronics for home appliances.

SPONSORS: IEEE Power Electronics Society, Korean Institute of Power Electronics



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