Conferences: May-July 2009

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6 March 2009

Featured Conference

denverInternational Solid-State Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems Conference

21–25 June

Also known as the Transducers Conference, this meeting features four days of presentations highlighting the latest work in mechanical, optical, chemical, and biological devices and systems using micro- and nanotechnology.

Topics include fabrication and packaging, materials and their characterization, advanced bioMEMS, microfluidics, nanofabrication, nanomaterials, wireless sensors and sensor networks, and interface circuits for MEMS and sensors.

In addition to the presentations, a number of short courses and tutorials are offered.

SPONSOR: IEEE Electron Devices Society



monteIEEE International Memory Workshop

Monterey, Calif.
10–14 May

The IEEE Nonvolatile Semiconductor Memory Workshop and the IEEE International Conference on Memory Technology and Design have merged to become the IEEE International Memory Workshop. This conference covers all aspects of nonvolatile and volatile memory microelectronics.

Topics include device physics, silicon processing, product testing, programmable logic, memory cell design, and circuits.

SPONSOR: IEEE Electron Devices Society



bilIEEE International Symposium On Broadband Multimedia Systems And Broadcasting

Bilbao, Spain
13–15 May

Covers advances in the rapidly converging areas of multi­media broadcasting, telecommunications, and networking.

The symposium focuses on multimedia systems and services, transmission and networking, multi­media processing, multi­media quality, and multimedia devices. Topics include mobile television, datacasting, portable devices, and signal-processing technologies.

SPONSORS: IEEE Broadcast Technology Society, the University of Basque Country



istanInternational Conference On Recent Advances In Space Technologies

11–13 June

This year’s theme for the biennial conference is “Space for the Developing World.” Topics include the benefits of space technology for developing countries; space technologies for security, meteorology, and earth observation; nanosatellites; space­craft design; GPS developments, space communication techniques, and microgravity science.

SPONSORS: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories, IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society, and the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey



peterIEEE Multi-Conference On Systems and Control

St. Petersburg, Russia
8–10 July

Addresses the newest and most challenging control applications and recent advances in intelligent control, including innovative control algorithms and computational intelligence methods that enable systems to achieve high performance under uncertain conditions.

Topics include aerospace systems, chemical processes, fault diagnosis, robotics, and hybrid systems.

SPONSOR: IEEE Control Systems Society



seattleIEEE International Computer Software And Applications Conference

20–24 July

COMPSAC is a major international forum for researchers, practitioners, managers, and policy makers interested in computer software and applications. Members of academia, industry, and government discuss the state of the art and the future of software technologies and practices. Included are several keynote addresses, industrial case studies, and panel discussions.

The wide range of topics encompasses the development of middle­ware and other software for distributed platforms, services computing, cloud computing, social and collaborative networks, data center applications and design, communications applications, and embedded systems.

SPONSOR: IEEE Computer Society


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